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Main Features
  • Very well established in the Italian market
  • Sales staff with technical background
  • Formulation Lab 
  • Marketing Lab
  • Sales network: Italy, France, Germany, UK, Poland, Greece, Turkey

Business Unit Organization

2 Product Managers
3 Customer Service 
1 Sales Manager
3 Sales Rep 
2 Agency 
2 Distributors

The main Supplier’s contact is the Product Manager, who coordinates price list, advertising, trade show and marketing tools, providing target customers to the sales force, organize and plan canvass and focus.



  • 2500 sqm 
  • Bar coded management
  • First class couriers 
  • Controlled Temperature Room (350 m3) 
  • GMP

Regulatory Department

  • One Qualified Person 
  • Regulatory, INCI, Certification dedicated staff (4 persons)
8 Reasons to choose Prodotti Gianni
  1. Well established company since 1948, very good reputation on the market
  2. We are a reliable partner and good and precise payer
  3. We represent you, we visit in your name, we are you!
  4. We work with a marketing and sales plan and we share it with you
  5. We cover all Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Germany, UK and Poland
  6. We do not sell only raw materials:  we have an eye on the market and we analyze it from final consumers point of view. We provide claims, concepts, formulation proposals to customers
  7. We are equipped to make in house stock 
  8. We are active and enthusiastic!